Woke up at 5am all hyped, feeling like there was a bright glow coming out of my ears: an idea! A good one! With my eyes wide open I was about to jump out of bed and tell the whole wide world, when I realised my fiancé was still sleeping like a baby next to me. So I shook him awake ready to test my glowing idea on him… He liked it and Hyper was born.

We are the Hyper crew, a group of international, stylish gym rats who love physical activities. The kind of activities that make us feel alive and jump higher every day – with a big smile all over our faces. We are like professional, responsible kids. All grown up outside but still curious inside.

When we were real kids, we wanted to design something. As grown-ups, we get to live our dream designing the kind of active wear we wish to wear when doing hyper activities.


We enjoy colourful patterns all over our daily lives and pushing ourselves to our edges, getting better every day. But the mission isn’t complete, if we don’t share it with the world. You are the missing piece and your hyper moments are our hyper moments. So please share your Hyper moments with us #LIVEHYPER


Let’s make one thing clear: we love patterns and colours but more than anything we love our planet Earth. It’s our home and that’s why we have very strict standards on what our clothes are made of.

The Italian fabric our clothes are made of is smooth and soft but that’s not the whole story: this high-quality fabric guarantees a longer life to our clothes – and most important of all – to our planet.

Due to the European regulation companies based in the European zone must aim et removing most pollutants contained into their industrial waste water. This results into producing goods with less environmental impact. Naturally it also increases the cost of the product but it’s a small price for our planet.

Besides the fabric, we also care about where and how our lovely designs are made. Collaborating with a European manufacturer we can be sure that kids are playing and studying in schools while our products are produced.

We do everything to make sure that the garment you’re wearing brings together the values we’re standing for: stylish and energetic you on a healthy green planet.