As a Finnish brand we are proud to hold on to our green values.

We’d love to encourage girls like you toward an active and more importantly a healthy lifestyle. We push our sportswear to a toxic-free production to keep harmful chemicals away from your skin.

As we care for you we look after the workers who bring your sportswear to life as well, making sure they are fairly paid and their rights are respected.

For the sake of our Planet Earth we choose planet-friendly production methods and collaborate only with suppliers that minimize their pollution in order to keep the oceans blue and the lands green.

Live hyper, Live conscious.

Eco-friendly Textile

Our sportswear are made with the best italian textile, that follows the European regulations limiting the use of chemicals. Our supplier with the most innovative treatments, purify their production waste before realising into
the nature.

Italian Luxe Lycra

The extraordinary resistance of our luxe italian textile means you will not find a single fuzzball after months of training in your clothes.

High quality of our sportswear guarantees a garment that last longer and reduces clothes waste.

No-waste Print

Our prints are directly applied to fabrics with printers, reducing water usage by 95 percent, energy reduction of 75 percent, and minimizing textile waste compare to other printing methods.

Made in Europe

Hyper sportwear are 100% made in the EU in order to avoid unnecessary transportation between different phases of production and it’s impact on our planet.