Avatar Forest Tights

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Dance in the rhythm of the night forest. Luxe Italian Lycra® knit fabric. Shaper and light compression. Four-way stretch. Maximum coverage.


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Never doubt yourself: run, jump, fly! Wear your courage and wear it with pride – the energy glows in your veins turning your movement into determinant steps. Smile, the fireflies shine only for you.

Babybutt smooth Italian Lycra, hugs your legs politely, flows with you in any direction you go while it reshapes your thunder thighs. Don’t even think about those little (im)perfections, They’ve already been taken care of.

You’ll all set for any type of activity, sweat as much as you please, you’ll be dry in no time.
The textile is super light you might forget you have them on. So let’s agree on calling them your second skin, shall we?

Ooh the coverage – say goodbye to the giggles in yoga class and weight room. No more fun for the creepy eyes.
We have you covered. Your thong will be blended in like e Chameleon in the tropics.

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3 reviews for Avatar Forest Tights

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hey girls,
    I’m someone who enjoys being active and productive with each passing day! Living to the fullest is my motto. After reading about Live Hyper and what they are all about, I realized that this company is all about up lighting us all and bringing light to everyone’s day. If you are someone who loves being active and doing it with a smile on your face, this brand is for you! They are also all about protecting the environment, so they are very selective when it comes to choosing materials for their clothing. Here are some of the things that I love about my Avatar leggings:
    1. They do not slip off of you when you’re being active. (I run every day, at least 7km a day.. and I NEVER have to pull them up.)
    2. They are SO soft
    3. Form fitting (the booty looks amazing in them;) )
    4. They don’t create additional perspiration
    5. They are STUNNING!

    Thank you live hyper <3 Much Love

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    This is my second pair of Hyper leggings and I could not be more in love. First of all, they are so comfortable. The fabric is super soft and the waistband is wide so it sits perfectly on my hips, plus they make my bum look fantastic. They are so versatile. I wear them out at night with a cute black top and to teach yoga. Every time I wear them people stop and ask where I got them. I love this print!! I’ve never seen anything like it! Super sexy,super elegant, I highly reccomend these leggings.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ihastuin värikkääseen kuvioon, mutta kun pöksyt saapuivat supernopeasti postissa kotiin, rakastuin materiaaliin. Kangas on paksua ja joustavaa, mutta mikä tärkeintä, näistä ei pylly vilku läpi!

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