4 Reasons these Tights can Save the Planet

The environmental impact of the clothing industry is second only to the oil industry. This is a big deal for us. We love to encourage girls like us to a healthy and active lifestyle but it is impossible to live a healthy life on an unhealthy planet.

This is how Hyper’s values were born. We have promised our planet to feel responsible and consider our environmental impact in every step we take.

Here are 4 choices that we have take when bringing Hyper to life:

1. Textile supplier:

It is shocking to learn that most of textile producers in the world still use harmful fossil fuels throughout the supply chain which influences air quality and contributes to climate change.
These textile producers also have no shame of releasing their waste water “containing lead, mercury, arsenic and a host of other toxins” into the rivers that end up in the open seas and oceans.
These were huge motivations for us to search for a textile suppliers that promote sustainability, environmental awareness and is caring about our planet.

We contacted the best European textile suppliers and chose to buy our textile from one of the best Italian textile suppliers and one of the leaders in the world, innovation and sustainability wise. We made sure that our textile are produced using the cleanest fossil fuel currently available, methane gas, and their innovative power production system manages to drastically reduce the consumption of traditional energy sources.
Also in compliance with the current European regulations our textile supplier has installed the most innovative chemical-physical waste water treatment plant. Removing most pollutants contained in the industrial waste water and including additional purification treatments before realising the water.

2. 100% made in Europe:

We are not sure who has travelled more kilometres, our selves or our sports bra?
Most of our clothes are truly international, from their birth till the moment they arrive in our hands they have travelled nearly the entire globe.
According to alternet.org more than 60 percent of world clothing is manufactured in developing countries, mostly in Asia and are transported to distributers on the other side of the planet.

We decided to keep all the phases of our production in the EU in order to avoid unnecessary transportation that takes place between different phases of the production reducing the impact on the environment.

3. Digital Print

We love to train in colourful and fun printed clothes but we don’t want the environmental consequences that usually comes with it. That’s why we chose to use Digital Print. With this method, prints are directly applied to fabrics with printers, reducing water usage by 95 percent, energy reduction of 75 percent, and minimizing textile waste compared to other printing methods.

4. Italian Lycra

Our highest aim is attention to the quality of our activewear. We do believe higher quality guarantees workout clothes that lasts longer and reduces waste. The extraordinary resistance of our textile is more than just a “xtra life” slogan.

Lycra fibre transforms sports wear into better fitting durable workout clothes that move with our bodies, delivering fit, excellent shape and comfort that lasts wash after wash. Application of high quality yarns in our textile’s structure doubles it’s resistance to fibre breakage compared to other fabric suppliers. Pilling is not on the menu even after months of training in your activewear.

We are continuously searching for new ways to reduce our environmental impact and direct us toward a more sustainable activewear industry.

Hyper team invites you to join us in supporting the environment. Together we can save the planet.


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